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Sharing, giving, and loving are traits of humanity -- not divinity
Pinning this post for ease in linking to my stories...

The Hunt/Heart 'verse, pairing is Chloe/Dean

Chloe's Hunt:  Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4 ; Part 5Part 6 ; Part 7 ; Part 8 ; Part 9 ; Part 10 ; Part 11 ; Part 12 ;
 Part 13 ; Part 14 ; Part 15 ; Part 16 ; Part 17 ; Part 18 ; Part 19Part 20 ; Part 21 ; Part 22 ;   Part 23 Conclusion

Chloe's Heart (sequel to Chloe's Hunt):  Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4 ; Part 5 ; Part 6 ; Part 7 ; Part 8 ; Part 9 ; Part 10Part 11 ; Part 12 ;
Part 13 ; Part 14 ; Part 15 ; Part 16 ; Part 17 ; Part 18 Conclusion

Chloe's Family (the following fics continue the Hunt/Heart verse): 

Welcome to the World
Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4 ;  Epilogue
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (Get a Little Action In):  Part 1 of 1
Healing Roses:  Part 1 of 1
Heart of a Rose:  Part 1 of 1
The Adventures of Cam and Lee:  Part 1 ; Part 2

Interludes in the Hunt/Heart 'verse (standalones): 

Healing:  Part 1 of 1
Roadside Assistance:  Part 1 of 1

My other stories:

She'll Take Care of Him (Chloe/Dean):  Part 1 of 1
The Fine Print (Chloe/Dean):  Part 1 of 1
Just Go to Sleep (Characters:  Chloe, Dean, Sam; no pairing)Part 1 of 1
Don't Want to Wake Up (Sequel to Just Go to Sleep):  Part 1 ; Part 2 Conclusion
Her Sam (Chloe/Sam):  Part 1 of 1
Lament (Characters:  Chloe and Oliver):  Part 1 of 1
Arrows and Feathers (Chloe/Oliver):  Part 1 ; Overview of story **This story will not be completed**


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The cold!!  The holidays with family!  Traveling to the mountains and seeing snow!  (Though sadly not this year.)  The hot buttered rum!


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Is it snowing where you are right now?


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Yep.  Flute.  Always wanted piano lessons but never got them, now living my piano dreams vicariously through my son, who has really made strides in his piano ability over the past year.  In this year's Christmas recital, his final piece will be Mephistopheles from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra songbook.

Interesting that this question showed up now, as we just returned home an hour ago from my son's high school band marching festival, the one that his band and the band boosters/parents put together.  Real good show, and my son's band performed very, very well.  It was windy, so their red shoulder capes were extra flowy and shiny-satiny.  :)  :)

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Some of you may remember that last year I purchased a used pop up camper.  We took her on a couple weekend trips over the summer, then a nice 7 night camping trip at Thanksgiving.  Here she is from that trip:

Cut for pictures from the trip...Collapse )

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Hello all.  This post is for anyone interested in Chlollie, or anyone that read Part 1 of Arrows and Feathers, one of my Chlollie fics.  It was meant to have many parts and be my Chlollie epic, much like the Hunt/Heart verse is my Chlean epic.  Unfortunately, the timing for starting this fic was very bad - just as I began to lose interest in watching Smallville.  And now, it is very much outdated; Clark is no longer even a quasi-member of the Justice League really, certainly not Boy Scout anymore (remember that?  way better name than Red Blue Blur, sigh), and Chlollie is canon.

So.  I am sorry to announce that I will not be writing any more parts for Arrows and Feathers, or any more Chlollie.  I'm truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.  However, I have a rather detailed and extensive outline of what the story would have become, and I decided to go ahead and post it for anyone who may have had a passing interest in this fic, so that Part 1 wouldn't be hanging out there all sad and lonely.

The reason for the title "Arrows and Feathers" was the relationship between Oliver and Chloe; he is the Arrow, she is the Feather (also known as fletching) that stabilizes the arrow.  Oliver would have made some reference to this in a sweet and simple way toward the end of the fic when telling her he love her.  (Altogether now:  awwww  :)  :) )

Here is the overview...Collapse )


Here are the scenes...Collapse )


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Awful.  AWFUL.  SO AWFUL.  I'm so glad I didn't waste the last two years watching this drivel.

I alternated between being disgusted and laughing my ass off at the ridiculousness of some of those scenes.

The dialogue was even worse than I expected.  "The bank shows they have limitless funds."  Really?  REALLY??  Think about that for a minute.  Complete nonsense.

However, let me clarify my thoughts on Chloe:

Cut for Chloe spoilersCollapse )

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Hello all.  I've actually checked my Friends Page two days in a row!!  It's a miracle!!  :)  I hope you all are well.  Some of you I see occasional comments on twitter so I know you're still kicking around.

I would also like to say that Jensen Ackles makes a DAMN FINE cowboy!  The episode itself was just okay, but I could stare at cowboy!Dean all.  day.  long.  :)  :)

Also, I know we are coming up on the end of Smallville.  I have not watched any of season 9 or 10, and only know bits and pieces of what has happened, mostly in relation to Chlollie.  I imagine I will probably watch the finale just to see how it all wraps up. 

Anway, just thought I would stop in, say hi, and hope you all are having a great week!

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To all of my LJ Friends -

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you!  I hope the Christmas season is a happy one for you, and the new year brings prosperity & happiness to all!

~ Lynn

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Yahoo is apparently going to be shutting down Delicious at some point in the future.  Now I have to move 167 frickin links to what, a Word document???  Thanks for nothing, Yahoo.


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